OneTeamGov Global


We’re holding a OneTeamGov Global unconference on 16 July at the QEII Conference Centre in London. It’s our way of growing the community and bringing together public sector reformers around the world.

Register for tickets

Tickets are free. You can Register for a place at OneTeamGov and we’ll let you know when tickets are released.

Get support to attend

Being at OneTeamGov Global is a great way to get a lot of learning and development that will be useful to anyone working in the public sector. If you need support to attend, there’s a business case template that you can tailor for your own circumstances. This might be helpful to get approval for travel costs.

Themes for OneTeamGov Global

OneTeamGov Global is an unconference and therefore themes and topics will be decided by the people there on the day. We’ve shared our ideas of what some OneTeamGov themes might be, such as service design, inclusion, power and the future of the public sector, procurement and how to make government more open.

Sponsor OneTeamGov Global

We’re looking for sponsorship from right across the globe — from UK government bodies, both central and local; overseas government bodies; the voluntary sector, academia, innovation networks to private companies and start ups. Our only condition is that you genuinely want to contribute to our community . We’ve shared details of the sponsorship opportunities that are available.

Our sponsors

RedQuadrant is the unconsultancy for public service transformation. We believe all consultancies and all public services should be in business to do themselves out of business, and we believe in the power of conversations and people working together to make things better.

The Public Service Transformation Academy offers exceptional capability building to help public services to transform themselves.

Delib is a digital democracy company which helps government to run effective public consultations through online tools and platforms. The aim is simple: make consultation easy for both public servants and citizens. We want to connect more people directly with the decision-making process and help build bridges across government for a better democracy.

Difrent Group, where their opinion is simple, Digital is about People not just Technology. We strive for digital perfection through the deployment of top quality industry professionals and implementation of digital solutions and services.

Convivio, an agency that helps organisations improve serving people online as citizens, customers, users, and staff. We love to collaborate and solve big problems. We bring people together.