OneTeamGov Norway


It all started when…

A group of cross-sector professionals in Norway organised a #OneTeamGovNo meetup on the 24th of September 2018 to get started. We will use 2019 to build the community and set up mini breakfast-meetings and meetups.


We believe #OneTeamGov can unite networks of people, support us to share skills and learn lessons from each others’ roles and area of expertise.

At all levels, government organisations and departments are in a period of change: devolutions of decision making and involvement are impacting the ways central and local governments have relationships with each other and with citizens. Getting involved in the #OneTeamGovNo community is an opportunity to foster closer working relationships between different job functions across the public, third and private sectors for collaborations and reform; to aid closer working between departments, agencies, public bodies, third sector and members of the public.