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OneTeamGovScot in 2018

OneTeamGovScot 2017 illustration

After our first event in November 2017, we’re growing the network in 2018. First stop: Firestarter Festival! Watch this space for news…

OneTeamGov Scotland

“We will be optimistic and positive in our approach to our work. We will believe that things can change, and we will take our part in making that happen.”

The first OneTeamGov Scotland took place on the 23rd November 2017 from 9.30am in Edinburgh.

We have a limited set of tickets due to venue restritions, but don’t worry, we know this will be one of many OneTeamGov events happening around the UK.

You can sign up for a ticket on Eventbrite.

What this is: In June 2017 policymakers, service designers, digital professionals and cross-sector experts came together in London to talk about how they could work across disciplines to make government more effective and efficient. This is #OneTeamGov and it’s working to the idea that by bringing teams together to work in a truly multidisciplinary way, we can offer better services to the public, give better advice to ministers and make the civil service more effective and efficient.

A group of cross-sector professionals in Scotland have organised a #OneTeamGovScot event to expand the network. We believe #OneTeamGov can unite networks of people, support us to share skills and learn lessons from each others’ roles and area of expertise.

At all levels, government organisations and departments are in a period of change: devolutions of decision making and involvement are impacting the ways central and local governments have relationships with each other and with citizens. Getting involved in the OneTeamGov community is an opportunity to foster closer working relationships between different job functions across the public, third and private sectors for collaborations and reform; to aid closer working between departments, agencies, public bodies, third sector and members of the public.

You can read more about where it came from here for now.

What to expect: Active involvement in building on the OneTeamGov network and community for people who are passionate about reforming public services in Scotland so they better meet the needs of citizens

An ‘unconference’ format where we collectively set the agenda on the day

Connections with people from all sectors doing innovative work for public services, finding and exploring new ideas to solve policy, delivery or improvement issues you are facing

A safe space to break down barriers between policy, delivery, design and technology


Sarah Davidson Director-General Organisational Development and Operations, the Scottish Government. Sarah is responsible for organisational improvements including people and capability, staff engagement, ministerial support, communications, digital, social security, facilities and estates, financial management, commercial and procurement functions. ‘Because no one of us has all (or any) of the answers. The OneTeamGov approach helps us admit that and see benefit of help & insight from others.’

Ken Thomson Director-General for Constitution and External Affairs, the Scottish Government. Ken’s role is focused on leading and supporting work across the Scottish Government on intergovernmental relations, EU exit, constitutional issues, and supporting Cabinet decision-making. ‘Innovation is trapped in our inboxes and we’re trapped in habits of thought and work. How can OneTeamGov help us escape our lobster pots?’

Lightning talks

Katy McNeil- Policy Katy is an Improvement Advisor and Intrapreneurship Programme Lead with the Scottish Government. She supports a portfolio of improvement projects across the Scottish Government and across public sector organisations to build capacity improving public services. She is currently developing a prototype Intrapreneurship Leader Programme for public service leaders using the CivTech® accelerator programme as a model. In her 24 years of civil service, she’s seen nearly everything in the way it works change but there’s still work to do: ‘I still sometimes kick up against problems, where the experience at work or as a service user hasn’t caught up. Where policy, delivery and that “digital stuff” are considered sequentially rather than holistically. Where we try to invent perfect solutions without asking or seeing the problem areas outside. 24 years on that bothers me, and I want to change it.’

Kit Collingwood- Delivery Kit is Deputy Director with Department for Work and Pensions Universal Credit Programme and co-founder of the One Team Government movement. With a civil service career spanning policy making, digital and now delivery, Kit brings to her work the belief that public services can be reformed by fostering closer working relationships between different job functions and more communication between government and the people it serves: ‘I want to be part of reforming government for the benefit of citizens, with a focus on making it fit for the internet age.’

Sarah Drummond- Service Design Sarah is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Snook, a design consultancy working at the forefront of civic, public sector and democratic innovation. Sarah focuses on making social change happen by re-thinking public services from a human perspective and regularly lectures and speaks around the globe on service design, innovation and civic engagement. From her early work with Skills Development Scotland designing digital career services and supporting the development of their internal design capacity to building an award winning global consultancy, Sarah straddles civic minded work across sectors: ‘I’m seeing from both the inside and outside a movement in some of the principles that brought #oneteamgov together. We now have some credible examples of digital done well, service design actually being commissioned and policy being iteratively tested. But we’re not all there yet, and let’s be honest, there never is a there. There’s just an ongoing conversation of us being better at what we do.’

Ross McCulloch- Digital Ross is the founder of Third Sector Lab, a consultancy helping charities, social entrepreneurs, community groups and anyone trying to do good get the most out of digital media to make a better world. As a charity trustee and someone who works with the third and public sectors on digital as a tool for social good, #oneteamgov really resonates with him. ‘I want to see more transparent services. I want public sector staff to feel comfortable experimenting and accepting failure as part of that process. I want to ensure that we involved citizens without surveying them to death.’

Why this matters: The ways in which people live their lives and connect with their public services is changing; the way services are designed and delivered should change in response. Making better outcomes and addressing difficult issues is a collective effort because citizens are impacted by policies and access services that cut across organisations or departments. OneTeamGov reminds us that not everyone comes from the same place, that people not like ourselves are important parts of solutions and that community encourages respect.

Find out more:


OneTeamGovScot and #OneTeamGov

Who is organising this?

We have a great mix of people from across Government, public sector, third sector and organisations working with Government in various forms.

Our core group include:

Sarah Drummond - Snook

Katy McNeil - Scottish Government

Leah Lockhart - Democratic Society

Fiona Gray - Scottish Government

Anna Henderson - Scottish Government

Douglas Knox - Forestry Commission

Leah Black - Creative Scotland

Hazel White - Open Change

Alex Clarke - Designer

Our supporting team working across venue, communications and event design are:

John Adams - DFID

Ligia Teixeria - Crisis

Lorenz Herfuth - Glasgow School of Art

Caroline Standrig -

Magdalena Getler - Edinburgh University

Gillian Munro - Scottish Government

Alex Stobart - My Dex

We have a wider organising group who are helping behind the scenes to ready our communications, event launch and volunteers for the day.